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Avanti power windows

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    Got this from John:

    "The first photo is the Driver’s side. The conversion requires two relays, one for up , and one for down for each door. The “trick” to this is to have battery voltage for the power for the relay OUTPUT that does not go through the ignition switch. I’ll assume you understand how the relays work. If you do not , let me known and I’ll walk you through it. If you look closely at the connector strip there are metal “jumpers” that connect several posts to voltage or ground. Also ,you’ll see two diodes that are needed to make it work correctly..
    The two relays are covered by a piece of a Tupperware Style container cut in half, and sealed with silicone to keep the water out.
    The panel is cut to fit the access opening in the door and the relays are positioned so as to not interfere with the operation of the window. The strip was mounted on an angle, as that was the only way to get enough connecting terminals. The driver side has more terminals as it also has wiring for the passenger window. You’ll notice the passenger side has fewer terminals. FYI, there is enough wire so that the panel can be unscrewed and hang down out of the way, so you can reach into the door to work on the motor, adjustments etc." Click image for larger version

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    Thank you, John!