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  • Cool/Heat: '50 Champion Radiator cap

    Hello all,
    can someone verify the ‘50 champion uses a non pressurized cap? Ive seen previous posts on this forum that have stated a 7 lb 1” drop cap is correct and others stating a non pressured cap ( not sure if that cap drops 1”).
    which is right? My vehicle currently has a 4lb cap on it with a 1” drop. I’ve read that this type of cap is also acceptable.
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    You can use a 4 or 7 pound cap, as long as they have the proper depth. I would not use a non-pressure cap, nor would I use a 13 pound cap.
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      Thx Roy, appreciate it.


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        Prior to 1952 they did come with a Non-pressure Cap, but as Roy says you can improve that with a 1 Inch Reach 7 Lb. Cap.
        Most Later Rad. Caps, 1956 and on are 3/4 Inch Reach, so be careful ordering.
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