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Still Missing My Rockers

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  • Body / Glass: Still Missing My Rockers

    I still need rocker panels for my 1941 Studebaker Champion Coupe... According to, all 1941 Champions had a 110" wheelbase.

    All the rocker images I've scene, between the fenders, on these Coupes, and Sedans all look to be the same length.

    I may of found a pair. ... Would anyone know the Specs. for the 1941 Champion Sedan's Rocker Panels?... My Coupe's rocker panels measure 68".

    Any Help Would Be Great,
    Thanks, Kevin

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    Did you call Classic Enterprises ???


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      I tried Them...Studebaker International, and all the ones listed in Turning Wheel Mag.... I can't find them anywhere. Would you know if the rockers on the sedans, are the same size as the rockers on the Coupes? The wheelbase on sedans and coupes both of them are 110". The fenders and the rockers look to be the same size and length.
      Thanks For your Help,


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        If they are too long they can be shortened. I doubt there was anything shorter in 1941. Be nice if a Good Sam would go out to his garage and measure the rocker panel on his 41 Champion 4 dr. Someone must have one!


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          Thanks for your help.
          Stephen Allen at has the following....
          Item # 280862 Rocker Panel Right: 1941 Champion 2-door sedans on & after serial #G-816,234; All 1942-46 Champion 2-door sedans $150.0
          My Coupe's Serial # is G-137-081 I would be willing to purchase two, right side panels, if the curve was the same, and one could be altered to fit the left side...

          The more I try to locate a pair the more complex they are to find. Also there were two 1941 shapes that year, a coved shaped, and mine was like a half round arch.

          He also gave me following info.

          . 1941 Champion coupe before serial number G-122264 (South Bend) or G-815913 (Los Angeles) - 278434 (right) and 278435 (left)

          1941 Champion coupe after serial numbers listed above: 280864 (right) and 280865 (left)

          I found a wide body side molding from I may be able to replicate the original shape like this, if I can't find another way.

          Thanks Again


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            You have to start somewhere, I think that you can make the ones from Stephen Allen to work. It's not rocket science if the shape is right.