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1955 Coupe molding - I need help

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    Here is a two-toned example:



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      You're not the first guy that did that. Most of us have stuff we don't need, we forgot we have it, and we find it when we're looking for something we thought we had but we can't find. In your case, you got luckier than most of us and found what you needed before you bought a replacement. My guess is you found it looking for something else.


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        Something folks may want to consider when placing the battery in the trunk. Add a vent to the floor of the trunk. If the car starts over charging, the fumes need to get vented outside the car or even battery acid. My Rover had a factory trunk mounted battery. It came in an enclosed metal box that was covered with a leatherette cover. The battery sat in a plastic pan that had a hole in the bottom to outside the trunk floor. Seemed like a good idea. Maybe not so much an issue with an AGM or Lithium battery.

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          Not trying to be contrary, but is there a reason you are moving the bat to the trunk? My experience with a trunk mounted bat showed me that even with the heaviest cables I could build there was still too much drop in starting effectiveness to make it worthwhile. Save your trunk floor get an Otima!

          Congratulations for you find. On a personal note I guess that all this 55 stainless that I have saved will follow me to my grave. I've had most of it so long that I can't remember where it came from. I know there are plenty of guys out there that are in the same leaky boat.


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            I suggest not using that dividing line unless your car is going to be two-tone.
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              Hallabutt, The previous owner, Orville, mounted a power booster brake cylinder where the battery would normally sit. I got the cables run. It turned out to be an interesting situation. After feeding the red wire down through the trunk floor I started toward the starter tucking the wire in as close to the frame as I could. The closer I got to the starter the more I was running out of wire. I had measured with a tape the approximate amount I needed and then added a foot to it. I had a local battery shop make up the 1/O wire. A 10' red, 1' black and 18" black. By taking as much slack out of the wire as I could I still had to bend the connector over almost 90 degrees to just get around the solenoid to hook it up. I used the frame for most of the ground circuit. I bolted one of the short black wires to the frame in back and another to the frame close to the starter. At least for now, the starter is whirling pretty good.

              studegary, I will be painting the car two-tone. My wife has a desire to paint it a salmon pink and either white or ivory. I emailed TCP Global about a possible color. The tech suggested 1955 International salmon pink. I ordered up a quart of it but it has not gotten here yet. I used their Restoration Shop Acrylic Urethane on my '55 President State Sedan and was very pleased with it. I color sanded it and it came out pretty nice.

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                I like the trim on a solid color car too. There was a beautiful Hawk at the Colorado Springs IM a few years ago that had the trim. It adds a bit of extra shine in that area.

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