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62 GT hard line fittings

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  • Brakes: 62 GT hard line fittings

    Does anyone have info handy for complete re-plumbing 3/16" brake hard lines on a stock 62 GT 4 wheel manual drum brakes to include thread size and fitting count for male and female tube nuts and brass tee fittings required.

  • #2 or If they don't have what you need, ask them about sending yours in for a pattern.

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      I'm going to use the old lines as a pattern to make new nicopp lines. Just looking to see if someone else did this recently and has a record of how many flare nuts they purchased. My son is picking up some tubing from Speedway and I was having him pick up the flare nuts also. Just don't have the old ones off yet.


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        They would be the same as the ones you take off the car. All lines this size will have the same fitting. I Usually get bendable steel but the nickel-copper lines are less likely to crimp. Use a tubing bender. If you use bulk line, you MUST double flare the ends so you'll need to buy , borrow, or rent a double flaring tool.


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          The flare nut thread is 3/8"-24 I think there are 13 of them. One "T" for the brake light switch, one for the two front lines and one at the master (mine was a "T-run"type), I can't remember if there's one on the rear axle or if its part of the hose like a Ford. I'm thinking the hose screws into a "T". I changed all that stuff to a different system but I don't recall the "T"s being simple standard "T"s. I'm thinking a dozen or so flare nuts should get you there unless you add some unions to make installation easier; your existing "T"s should do.


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            Rick, yes, there is a "T" at the rear end. It bolts to the left side of the housing.


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              Thanks, that helps. since they come in 5 packs I'll get 3 of those: