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57 commander fuel problem

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  • Fuel System: 57 commander fuel problem

    Looking for more advice, put 259 engine in 57 commander, runs if I put fuel in carb. Changed fuel pump thinking it was weak. Still not pumping fuel up to carb. Pressurized line back to tank and got some flow, but seems to stop. Pressurized tank and got a little, but not enough to get pump going on its own. Is there a way to access and repair problem in tank or am I missing something. Much thanks

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    Make sure to positively eliminate the fuel tank before removing it.

    There might be some air leaks in the fuel line coming along the frame from the tank.

    They can be small enough such that fuel does not leak out, but still admit air when the pump sucks on the fuel line.

    A major culprit in this game is the flexible fuel line between the hard line on the frame and the engine. They often go bad, but still look good. You can wiggle it with your fingers to see if it is cracked.

    Can you connect a piece of hose from the fuel pump inlet into a can of gas and see if the car runs?
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      Thank you for the help. I will try that with can of has tomorrow. The pump should pump fuel uphill against gravity right?


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        Originally posted by Cory View Post
        Thank you for the help. I will try that with can of has tomorrow. The pump should pump fuel uphill against gravity right?
        Sure it will if there is enough Gas to be above the pickup tube, but not if there are Pin Holes in the Fuel Line under the Clamps to the Frame.
        There is No "Sock" or Filter in the Tank.

        Oh! One more possibility, if you got a New recent Production Airtex or Airtex sold as a Carter, Master or "Other", they do NOT Pump!!!

        Your Fuel Hose in a Gas Can Run Test should be a Good Test of the Fuel Pump to see if it is one of the Bad ones, depends on how Long you or the Supplier has had it.

        Put your Old one back on and and Return the New one, all Sources: Stude. Vendors, Summit Racing etc. now know these do not work.

        For those that are interested, here is the recent String about the Fuel pumps, check out Post #10, also #5:
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