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    You can get almost straight arms off a 59 to 62 T cab truck, but you have to re-position the key way.


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      Originally posted by PackardV8 View Post
      The other option is to shorten the threaded end and re-machine the taper and threaded portion. However, the machinist who did this for me said, "Don't bring those in here ever again."

      jack vines
      I was a prototype machinist for many years. I would have said the same thing, that would be the masochistic approach!


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        Originally posted by r1lark View Post

        Nice job bending/shortening the steering arms! I had not thought of this. Folks do similar all the time on early Ford spindles to gain tie rod clearance on dropped axles. In fact, the 'old school' method of dropping early Ford axles was the same basic process.
        Yep! I've done more than a few of them too; decades ago. With the new stuff available from places like Super Bell (reasonably priced too), there's not much need anymore.


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          Car Fix - Season 10 Episode 6. Check it out. The boys are working on the front end of a '51 Starlight. A good source to learn about all the don'ts. Being able to see what some of the terms "look like" was very helpful (to me any).


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            Originally posted by sweetolbob View Post
            This is a Flaming River Chevelle conversion kit. Cost is about $3900, I'm not suggesting you spend that but the principle should work with about any R&P set up to convert it to a center tie rod mount that's necessary for a Studebaker setup.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	fr313ktk_68-72_chevelle_kit_pnt_key_col_002.jpg
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            I hadn't thought of a setup like that, and it would be fairly easy to fab up, and heating/bending the steering arms is a great idea also. Seems like you could use most any rack and it would work. Thanks! PS: I've been off SDC for a bit, sorry for not replying sooner.


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              It sounds like installing a complete front subframe might be attractive with all new ball joints, a sway bar etc. Anybody done that?
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