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62 Lark convt.interior light ???

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  • Electrical: 62 Lark convt.interior light ???

    The courtesy lights on both sides works fine when either doors open and close. Now the owners book says that only the sdn and 2 dr.models have the dome light instead of courtesy lights. To put on the dome light use the switch at the dome light. Now with the covt.models there is NO SWITCH and NO dome light. I tried to rotate the headlight switch counter clockwise but no interior lights [with the doors closed] I also checked with another owner with a convertible and ALSO the same. Cannot put on courtesy lights with out opening either door. Is this normal?

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    Yes. You light your way at night to enter / exit the car. Cannot put the dome light on the rag top. Your light switch only reflects brightness on your dash lights (less radio).


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      Thank You Jack


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        Since they really are not Map Lights, they wouldn't do much good lighting the Floor anyway.

        But if you really wanted to be able to turn them on with the Doors closed, it would not be hard to splice into the wire going to the Left Door Switch and install a Grounding Toggle Switch under the Dash.
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