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R-2 Second Design Air Cleaner?

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  • Fuel System: R-2 Second Design Air Cleaner?

    I have come across 2 different R-2 Air Cleaners. One has the side air inlet [rectangular] opening at the 5 o.clock position -pointing down to the exhaust manifold. The pipe on top pointing forward at a slight angle. The other unit has the side inlet pointing at the 2 o'clock position . The pipe pointing straight ahead. Both were mounted on the fender. Did studebaker revise the unit to avoid the hot air down at the exhaust manifold. 1963-1964 units. Any thoughts?

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    1963 and 1964 Avanti R2 air cleaners look drastically different. The '64 air cleaner has a rectangular air intake on its side. That air cleaner was also used, with different brackets, for 1963 & 64 R2-powered Larks & Hawks. The 1963 Avanti R2 air cleaner doesn't have that rectangular opening. Instead, the air comes in all around (360 deg) the "lid" that holds the filters in. It is a little noisier than the 64 air cleaner. Maybe that is why Studebaker switched R2 air cleaners for 1964 R2 Avantis.

    Turning Wheels did an article (by Fred Fox, maybe?) a few years ago on the 1963-64 R2 air cleaners.
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