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Carter AS 1-bbl throttle shaft

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  • Fuel System: Carter AS 1-bbl throttle shaft

    Fired up the 59 Lark today after my re & re last Fall for repaint and clutch, etc. Super smooth at idle and an instant starter - but any hint of throttle caused it to stumble.

    Neglected to overhaul or at least my clean the Carter AS-2876S. Stupid on my part assuming it was ok. Disassembled this afternoon, I found the throttle shaft bore to be slightly eccentric on the non-loaded side, with the throttle shaft having a 0.010” runout as well in the form of lost metal on one side.

    These appear to be 5/16” shafts in maybe brass or bronze or?

    What have folks done in bushing their carb shafts and bores? I can’t see that replacement shafts are available, so has anyone used a machine shop or rebuilder they can recommend?
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    The wear is in the shaft? I assumed, and I know what that means, that the wear would be mostly in the throttle body. Are those throttle body holes still round?

    Never mind. I just read your post again, more carefully.

    I would bet that the bores could be sleeved and maybe the shaft turned down?

    Why would the wear be on the non-loaded side as opposed to the side with the linkage?
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      Replacement shafts are available, you just have to look in the right place. You can't expect every vendor to have all the parts.....



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        Some tool vendors carry carb bushing R&R kits, try Goodson tools. Luck Doofus


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          Thanks Bo and Doofus - I do see that S-A has the very throttle shaft for this one-year carb. I did contemplate ordering that one.

          But then, while I’m awaiting the rebuild kit from S-I, I decided to soak the carb parts last night, thoroughly clean it and blow it out this morning, and using braided copper wire strands in the tiniest of bores. With someone having been inside this carb before (horn to body gasket was like new, as was the float valve), I figured I’d take a chance and reassemble the carb and give it a shot, even with that slight play in the throttle shaft bore

          Glad I did. The throttle response has been nicely restored. The cleaning did the magic.

          Dynamic timing needed a tweak (still using 2 BTDC), as did mixture and idle screws. But the one thing I did not expect was the new rotor is put in last Fall needing attention: the angle of the contact tang was too steep and I figured not all of the face was touching the cap button. Prior to this discovery with me having just remounted the carb, the engine was missing and bucking. Worked through all the circuits/cap/plug wires, I decided to throw in the old rotor, as ugly as it was. The only difference I could see was the tang, and yet that solved it.

          Bent the new rotor tang to a flat angle and away it went. It’s always something!


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            Good Job, but Goodson no longer carries the carb tool set, but some valve seat stones are on sale! Luck Doofus