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  • Body / Glass: Metal Panel indentification

    I have a weird question. Cleaning out my trunk of all the extra little parts and pieces that i have and was wondering if anybody would know what this panel is? I don't know if its even Studebaker related. I've scoured my manuals and literature but couldn't find anything that looked remotely similar. Thanks in advance...
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    Is it the splash shield for the clutch and brake pedals?
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      That's what i was thinking RadioRoy. Mounts on the frame under the starter.


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        Looks like the cover mounted on the seat frame over the Climatizer heater core on my '52.
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          That’s what I thought of immediately, the deflector over the under the seat heater on passenger side. That’s what my 50 Champ has.



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            I don't believe it is either of those; but I know I've had that piece in and out of at least one of the '51, '52 or '53s I've restored over the years, and I believe it goes under the car but my brain is in a fog, as that last project was fifteen years ago.

            Hang on to it, Brad. Someone here will know where it goes and what purpose it serves. I am pretty certain it fits your '52.
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              Best pic I could find.
              Click image for larger version

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