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1956 President Clutch Pedal

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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: 1956 President Clutch Pedal

    While sailing along in my car as I was coming to a stop, when I pushed the clutch pedal in, it sank almost to the floor. I put it in neutral but could not engage the transmission. With the engine off, I had about 1-2" travel all the way to the floor and could maneuver the shift lever. I could start the car in low gear but could not shift.

    I got out the shop manual and got under the car. What I thought was the problem was the pin on the clutch pedal as illustrated on page 8.figure 17. Not the case. I guess it is another pin on the shaft side or release side pin.

    The manual says you can remove the clutch pedal by the floor plate. Can the entire shaft and assembly be removed after the floor plate is removed and bring it through the inside of the car?

    What has me stumped is the clutch can be slightly engage with the pedal pushed all the way in. This is the first time this has happened to me, in all my years of driving Studebakers.

    Thanks for your help

    Bob Miles

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    It may be the coupling at the bell housing broke. Or one of the pins broke. Have had both happen. The sleeve with 2 clevis pins. Worse case would that the fork on the cross shaft has slipped. Also have had the lever at the bell housing slip where it is mated to boss.
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      If you have checked BOTH Couplings on the Frame to Clutch Housing Cross Shaft for a lock PIN Hole breakout as Jim said, then it may be what you don't want to hear; the Levers have slipped on the Broached Cross Shaft INSIDE the Clutch Housing.

      The actual PEDAL System is SO overbuilt that it could not fail in several Hundred Years.
      Is there a chance you or a former owner installed a HD Pressure Plate?
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        Any part of the linkage could be suspect, but as others have pointed out, the likely cause is the coupling and/or pins.

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          The pins wear but the holes in the collar wears even more so much of the pedal travel is just taking up slop. Chances are the shaft is OK so I'd start with replacing pins and collar and adjust it so the you have 1/2" to 3/4" free travel before the t-o bearing meets the clutch. They really are a pain to work on, especially if they haven't been touched in 50 yrs. If that doesn't work you might want to replace shaft or go to oversize pins. Good luck. (I've always considered it more of a Rube Goldberg device than brilliant engineering. ) That zerk probably seldom saw a greasegun. At any rate, you need to remove all slop and free play in the linkage for it to work properly>