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flight o matic and bellcrank

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  • Transmission / Overdrive: flight o matic and bellcrank

    is the adjustment of the belcrank the only adjustment for proper shifting and engaging "passing gear" in a 60 hawk flight o matic?

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    No, the instructions are in the Transmission Section of the Shop Manual under "Throttle Pressure Adjustment", to adjust the Lower Rod to the Trans.

    This adjustment is CRITICAL as it controls the Speed and Harshness of the 2 - 3 Shift and basically All Hydraulic functions, the "Kickdown" is only ONE of them.

    That upper Carb. to Bellcrank Linkage rod adjustment is what usually gets messed up when improperly installing an Edelbrock or AFB that was not originally there, sometimes also in the Wrong Hole in the Carb. Lever.
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      A pressure gauge is also needed, get one with the longest hose you can find, you will feel silly hanging on to the wheel and the door and hanging out the door to see the gauge reading on a short hose unit BTDT LOL. Luck Doofus