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1962 170 OHV oil pump removal

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  • Engine: 1962 170 OHV oil pump removal

    I bought a 170 OHV engine out of a closed engine rebuilding shop. It has probably sat on a back shelf for 40 years since rebuilding. When I pulled the distributer, I found that the key on the oil pump shaft was off from horizontal by about 30 degrees. I could almost get timing with the adjustments on the base plate of the distributer, but not correctly. So I removed the oil pan and tried to remove the oil pump. I figured that the gear to the cam shaft is off probably one tooth.

    The four screws came off, but the pump base only moves about 1/4 inch and stops. It can move 360 around the shaft, I was able to separate the gasket from the base, but it is hung up and will not slide out. It looks like I might be able to disconnect the shaft from the cam gear by pushing out a pin and then move the cam gear a tooth, line up the shaft and see if I got it correct. The shop manual just says remove, but what am I missing about removing the pump itself?
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    Under that gear is a horseshoe shaped keeper,i have used a modified small roller head bar to get under the edge of the gear and pry it off. just catch a tooth or 2 and be as gentle as possible. a bolt in the body to hold it against the block will give some wiggle room. Luck Doofus


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      You're certainly not the first to have that question. I've disassembled dozens of different manufacturers engines and that little hidden keeper is an inexplicable design feature that no one would ever figure out on his own. That the drive gear has to be pried off the shaft to remove the keeper to remove the oil pump is unique to the Champion.

      There are many other gotchas out there on other engines, but that one is ours alone.

      jack vines


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        So this is from a few years ago. I am currently chasing down a similar problem with my 2R5 (same motor). Curious if you found the oil pump drive shaft alignment to be the source of your timing issue? I am also struggling with getting the drive gear removed. I am curious if you found it necessary to remove the Oil pan as the manual calls for to re-align the oil pump drive shaft?
        Hopefully you're still around....


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          Try this, with oil pump gears and body removed also dist. pulled out the intermediate shaft has enough length to be pushed in till gears disengage and then turned a tooth or 2. i think i used a screwdriver down the dist. hole to help. this was 3 decades or so ago so tread lightly. read the service manual twice so you dont miss anything! dont forget to pack oil pump with grease to prime it! good luck Doofus