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'51 oil filler tube

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  • Engine: '51 oil filler tube

    The oil filler tube on my Champion six leans toward the firewall. I believe it's 180 degrees off and should lean toward the front of the car. Looks like there is a nut at the bottom of the tube. Is this an adjustment nut that, if loosened, would allow the tube to be rotated?

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    I don’t remember my ‘51 Champion Deluxe having a nut on the tube, but instead should simply be a snug slip-fit, tapped into the block.

    My ‘59 Lark 170ci six has a threaded fitting for the optional oil filter to return through. Is this present on yours, and can it be a cap that you see, not a nut?

    If you can do a picture for us, that would really help to.


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      Actually on closer examination, it's a pipe fitting that I guess plugs up the hole. This motor does not have an oil filter. To accommodate one,
      the tube has to face toward the front of the car to make room for the filter. I'm just not sure how to rotate it or remove it and re position it.


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        Good - that was my hunch.

        Penetrating oil at the tube-block joint. Let sit overnight. Remove the oil cap-dipstick, apply light mallet taps at the very top rim, all sides, back and forth.

        You should be able to rock it slightly. Channel-lock pliers with a cloth to protect the tube can be used to twist and lift it out. Done!


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          Thank you, I'll give it a try.