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Rear brake drum removal 53 Starliner

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  • Brakes: Rear brake drum removal 53 Starliner

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Name:	E07E081C-DF1B-4E0A-B083-656D29ED7345.jpeg
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ID:	1883716 What’s the secret to keep the drum from turning while trying to tighten the puller??

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    Use the other puller, the one on the floor; and a BFH.
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      Same problem with the other puller. I’ve been trying for months. Bought the new puller with hopes the more even pressure around the drum would help.


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        I usually jam the pointed end of a bumper jack handle between one of the nuts and the center post and the the other end on ground.
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          I always use the bite and friction of a mounted wheel and tire, lifted enough to just leave a contact patch on the ground. Even chocked slightly.

          Using the 'dumbbell" puller that you smack around with a "BFH", even then it can take some patience and time. Trick I've used when you're really tight with the shaft against the axle - smack it the other way once or twice. That sudden release of tension can often pop it off. Remember to leave that nut on the axle stub for safety....that pent up energy can make that drum fly.


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            I believe the puller you have on there now is designed for the lug nuts to do most of the work. Install them so there is still several threads left to turn each nut. Tighten the center screw, then tighten each lug nut a LITTLE bit as you go around in a circular pattern. Retighten center screw if needed and go around the lug nuts again.
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              Have you checked the Parking Brake adjustment for totally loose, and loosened Both Service Brake Shoe Adjuster Eccentric's as loose as possible?
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