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  • Engine: Remote Oilf Filter

    Last summer I order a set of finned valve covers and a finned valley cover from SI. The items finally arrived in November and I installed them after I put the car away for the winter. In order to help with the install, I removed the oil filter canister. I was giving serious consideration to not reinstalling the filter housing. It's something I've been on the fence about for sometime now. That was until I saw pictures of the beautiful Skyhawk that Desoto 345 had up for sale last fall. I noticed that he had relocated the oil filter and I was inspired.

    So for your consideration, I present the following. Apologize in advance if you have seen something like this before, but I hadn't seen it done yet and I thought others might be interested in the same. Needless to say if you are a purist this probably won't appeal to you. I'm more into the "Day Two" look of the period.

    First of all, for reference, my car is a Vernon Power Hawk with what appears to be the original engine; a partial flow 259. No Power steering. Also a few years ago I replaced the mechanical fuel pump with an electric unit which freed up some real estate at the front of the engine.

    This lead me to consider if it would be possible to slide a filter on a remote mount into the location formally occupied by the fuel pump. I tracked down an aftermarket remote mount from Derale, part number 25708, on Amazon for ~ C$38. I am also using a fram PH8172 filter. It's just a little over 2.75'' tall. Apparently there is a shorted filter available, ~2.5" tall, but I wasn't able to track it down.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	PH8172.JPG
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    I also grabbed two brass couplers, 1/2 NPT male x 1/8 NPT female, at the local hardware store to adapte the existing oil lines to the mount. Here you can see the mount installed on the engine with the couplers, oriented so that the filter would be screwed in from the bottom. However when I test fitted the filter I could not get it to fit without the filter hitting the frame. Back to the drawing board.

    Note the filter mount mounting holes are space 2" on center the fuel pump bolts holes are 1.75 " on center, so you'll need to elongate the holes. A Dremel tool works great for this.

    I consider a couple of different scenarios but I ultimately decided to flip the mount upside down. Here you can see the mount installed and the oil lines connected.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	underside connection.jpg
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    In this configuration I was able to reuse the stock elbows (bonus). I also reused the stock oil line which I staightened and reshaped with a tube bender.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Connection Point.jpg
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ID:	1883465 At the top end I added a couple of brass couplers to assist with the connections. On the supply side I used a 1/8 male NPT by 1/8 female NPT by 1/8 female NPT. This allowed me to redirect the stock elbow/restrictor down to better accomodate the oil line connection. On the oil filler tube side I rigged up couple of fittings to make the connection but I need to get a different connector. To facilitate the proper connection you will need a 1/8 male NPT x 1/8 female compression.

    It looks like this.

    When it's all done, it will looks like this
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Clean up 2.jpg
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ID:	1883466Click image for larger version

Name:	Final.jpg
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ID:	1883467Click image for larger version

Name:	Clean up.jpg
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    So far so good . These last pictures were taken with the engine running (first time in 2021, yay); oil psi is normal and no leaks! In the future I'm hoping that with the mount positioned this way I might be able to use a PH 43 at the next oil change.

    That's it!

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    Well at least you will have a One of a Kind Filter install !
    It's a pretty neat looking Install, but I would just use an Inner Fender mount with a Full Sized One Quart Filter, because I would Never remove a Good Carter OEM Fuel Pump and I like More Filter not less.

    Different Strokes!
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner
    SDC Member Since 1967


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      why'd it take so long to get you finned dress-ups? the oil mod is cool, idk the difference you have before and after, i think partial flow is fine downstream the bearing, or before, clean oil maybe key


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        Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
        Different Strokes!
        For sure. And it can all be changed back in an afternoon if the next caretaker doesn't like it!


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          Originally posted by mw2013 View Post
          why'd it take so long to get you finned dress-ups?
          No idea. My wife wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday, which is in September. I told her about the dress up pieces and I figured if she ordered them in mid July they would arrive in time.

          It ended up being a late birthday early Christmas deal