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v8 versus 6 cylinder motor mounts

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  • Engine: v8 versus 6 cylinder motor mounts

    I'm currently putting a 289 into a 1960 lark convertible which previously had a 6 cylinder in it. I decided to re-purpose a complete power steering set up from a 64 daytona as well.... whilst I was removing all the parts from the daytona I took the motor mounts off of the cross member.... no idea if it had a 6 or an 8. Anyhoo. I'm now going to drop the 8 engine into the lark and I notice the motor mounts from the daytona and the 6 cylinder lark mount in slightly different holes! My question is: Is there a difference in where a 6 and an 8 cylinder motor mount sits?

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    The v-8 motor mounts go in the right (passenger side) holes and the transmission goes in the
    left hole (drivers side) hole.


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      Are we talking Front or Rear Engine Mounts?

      Maybe someone needs to check the Shop Manual; on a Left Hand Drive Car, BOTH Front and Rear Mounts go in the RIGHT most Holes to clear the Steering Gear. You cannot mount the Engine Diagonally!

      The Engine Mount Frame Brackets on a Six are different than a V8, the '59-'64 Lark and Lark Type V8's get a 1547206 & 207.

      The Front Insulators on a Six are the Wrong ones for a V8, you need 533296, they are thicker and Harder Rubber.
      Although you COULD squash them under the Weight of the V8 and fit & use them until you have to replace them, about an Hour.

      Are we working on a Manual Trans. Lark or an Automatic one?
      Automatics get a Approx. 3/4" Spacer under ONLY the Left Rear Mount to the Frame, and 1547202 & 203 Rear Mounts for Larks.
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