[Still!] Redoing the brakes on my '51 Commander Starlight, Automatic transmission. I want to install a dual-master cylinder conversion, and use silicone brake fluid. Was planning to move the stop-light switch to the brake pedal with an old GM switch, but I hadn't counted on the complication of the anti-creep valve! Anyone have practical experience in cleaning/rebuilding them that can be shared? Or does one just replace the thing? Or forget about it and delete it, as we've learned to keep our feet on the brake pedal in the past 70 years? I'm not going for points here, just brake system reliability. I've already switched the drums all 'round to a set from 1955.

All the brakes cylinders were completely stuck in the applied position when I got the car (we winched it OFF the trailer, and had to tow it uphill to the garage!), so I've no idea if the anti creep valve is working. As it's an electrical solenoid, do they fail in the same way as the brake switch when subjected to silicone? The brass double-tee + port junction that splits the line to the brake switch, the anti-creep valve and then to the front line is quite the engineering, um, Rube-Goldberg job.

One last question - how does one manage to bench-bleed a dual master-cylinder, then get it installed on the car under the floor. That single-circuit $40 standard master-cylinder is looking more appealing! Sigh & thanks!

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