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How to remove dash overlay on 63 GT Hawk

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  • Interior: How to remove dash overlay on 63 GT Hawk

    How do you go about removing the dash overlay around gauges on a 63 GT Hawk? It is scratched up so I want to remove and have refurbed. I see the 4 bolts but how do you get the chrome around the gauges off? Sorry for the newbie question. Lance

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    The chrome around the gauges is part of the gauge. Gauges mus be removed.
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    Ken Byrd


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      The chrome bezels are separate, not part of the gauges, but will come off when you disconnect all the gauges. Then you take out the four screws and remove the overlay. Dan


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        Thank you very much


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          Now's a good time to re-do the turn signal indicators. I removed the OEM green material, that all but blocks the indicator light bulb, and substituted green plastic from a Sprite soda bottle. The light is much more noticeable now. Before that, I tried brighter bulbs, but made little difference. The Sprite lensed have been in place for about 10 years now, and no fading.


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            I went a step further and made a removeable instrument cluster so I don't have to break my back fiddling around under the dash for hours removing the gauges one at a time. I made a 1/8" plate that matches the overlay and mounted the overlay and gauges in it, then install it all as a single unit, like a modern car. Believe it or not, with the 1/8" plate painted black like the dash you can't tell its there without getting really up close and personal.
            While I was at it I moved the turn indicators up where you can see them and relpaced them with self contained LED units. The original lindicator locations are now less important redundant idiot lights. Gauges are digital LED, sans the analog GPS speedo. Gauges now all have Molex type connectors that simply plug into the harness.
            Click image for larger version

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