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  • Interior: Headliner

    Currently, my 62 Lark HT is fairly taken apart. I am now trying to get ready to put it back together. I have some questions on the order of operations. I'm replacing the door seals, the headliner, the carpet and wind lace, and windshield seals, plus a replacement dash pad. What is the correct order to put this back together?

    1) Door seals (because the doors are currently detached from the car
    2) Windlace
    3) headliner (How many clips do I need by the way?)
    4) Dash Pad?
    5) Windshields?
    6) doors?
    7) carpet
    8) seatbelts?

    Thank you!

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    Hi, have you removed the seats? Good to hear about the progress on your car 👍


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      Originally posted by Studebaker Omaha View Post
      Hi, have you removed the seats? Good to hear about the progress on your car 👍
      Yep seats are out, door panels are off, glass is out and such.


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        Ok, this is what I did,
        All interior completely stripped & re-painted, epoxy primers, 2K over, epoxy mastic on floors.
        Doors on & aligned, new door rubbers, seals etc.
        New windlace, the type fro SI, my clips are part of the body, but has headliner toothed section across the top of the doors which also helps attach windlace.
        Then Headliner
        Then front & rear screens
        Then dash & window garnish etc.
        Carpet last.
        This is a very brief description of basically the order only

        regards, Cus


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          Yup. windlace,headliner, dash, windows (wind screens) If doors off, replace weatherstrip before re-installing them. When you get around to the carpet, put a bolt in the seat belt lugs in the floor--this makes it easier to find them and cut a hole in the carpet in the correct place. There is great variability in fit of headliner you might be better off finding an upholstery shop. We in the hinterlands do not have that luxury but in CA you can find any and every kind of shop.


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            Yes, headliner is definitely one to not rush in to, I have done 2 now, one on an Oldsmobile & the Hawk. Get it all in position & on the bows, use bull clips to attach around
            the screen sills etc., & see how it looks, it will become pretty obvious where you will have to fettle etc. before gluing, if it looks too curly & you aren't confident, then get
            a pro to do it, & at least it's in place for them. But you will be surprised if you make some little slits around the corner bits etc., how it all starts to flatten out, just don't try
            & knock it out in an afternoon, there is another post on heat proof sound deadner , which I would apply first to a nice stripped & re-painted roof,


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              This is all very good information. Thank you very much.

              The old sound deadening on the ceiling has been removed and it's a nice clean surface. Insulation will be installed this weekend.

              What makes matters worse is that the car hasn't had a headliner or carpet since I've owned it, so I have no idea where anything goes. It will definitely be a slow process.


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                There are some good Utube videos that will give you some tips also


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                  If you go to the Tech Talk forum here, you will see some stickys posted at the top of the page. One of them is Ray Lin Restorations, and if you scroll through there site you vill find some good info on headliners, windlace , etc. Good Luck
                  Tom Senecal Not enough money or years to build all of the Studebakers that I think I can.


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                    Does anyone have a spare headliner bow?

                    I only have 5 and I need 6. Also, if there is a guide on which bow goes where that would be great. The article above mentions that they have numbers stamped into the end but that does not appear to be the case. They are all different colors though .. two reds, one green, one white, one yellow.