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Passenger Door Misaligned

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  • Body / Glass: Passenger Door Misaligned

    1941 Studebaker Champion Custom Deluxe Opera Coupe
    My Grandson through his door open, slamming its handle into a telephone pole. Since then the bottom corner of the door, makes contact with the body when opening and closing. Does anyone know if there is a book on door and body panel adjustments?

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    Welcome to the SDC Forum! Nice car!

    I am not aware of a book. It is more of an experience thing.

    It sounds like one or both hinges were twisted or their adjustment was moved. This is assuming that the door panel itself wasn't "tweaked". Compare the door with the one on the other side. You may get away with adjustment or hinge replacement.

    EDIT: I see that you have been a member of the SDC Forum for seven months. This is your second post.
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      I agree that one of the hinges got tweaked. Is it the rear bottom of the door that is rubbing?

      You could have the grandson help you fix it.

      That might get him interested in old cars. Usually, if you have to fix something you broke, it's a great learning experience.
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        Thanks for your help, Rudy