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Looing for fuel pump or rebuild kit, '57 289

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  • Fuel System: Looing for fuel pump or rebuild kit, '57 289

    Looking for a fuel pump or rebuild kit for a 57 silver hawk 289. I saw someone posted a Carter m2211 fits but checking that models fit it lists the 259 v8 not the 289. I checked Stud International and Allens and others and again no pumps or kits for a 57 slver hawk 289. Any ideas on a pump or rebuild kit

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    How are you checking? SI shows PN 1562992 for all 1955-64 V-8s except Avanti.


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      Practically ANY Replacement Part for a '55 to '64 Studebaker V8; 224, 259 or 289 Engine will fit ALL except the Pistons and Crankshaft!

      The different year and Casting Number Heads have 1/2 to 1 1/2 Points difference in Compression, but work fine on any.
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        I buy my fuel pump rebuild kits from Then and Now Automotive in Weymouth, MA. Their web address is The fuel pumps are the same for any of the non R V8 engines from 1955 to 1964. If you have an original Carter pump, then I would recommend rebuilding it as it is a much better pump than any of the new stock pumps. Bud


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          SteveAllen has rebuilt pumps listed as well as rebuild kits