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    My name ia Paul and i am from the Netherlands, currently i am restoring a 1964 GT Hawk. This car was assembled at 'D Ieteren, Bruxelles and therefore is an export model.
    I have requested a Production Order, but i have a few questions about that.

    H.D. Adj Shocks
    H.D. Frame
    Radio Supp. Kit
    Gas Gauge Hole Cover

    And what were the standard oder & Instuctions for Belgium?

    Thanks, Paul

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    heavy duty adjustable shock absorbers
    heavy duty frame
    radio noise suppression kit
    (self explanatory, but I do not know why)
    Gary L.
    Wappinger, NY

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      "And what were the standard order & Instructions for Belgium?"

      We know the European market required a certain amount of domestic parts be used when the knocked down and crated vehicles were re-assembled in Belgium.
      I would suspect the archives at the Studebaker National Museum would have a record of what was NOT included in the crate; indicating what accoutrements were produced and installed in Europe. Doubtful it would have information on the European providers of those items.

      I would contact Andy Beckman at the Museum. He may already have researched the subject, as that is what he does. And, if he hasn't, he may find it a worthwhile task.
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        Hello Paul,
        I made this enquiry a few years ago as I have a 1963 Hawk 6 cyl. model with the same specifications. Andy Beckman was unable to find something about this. In case, you had not done this already, you should contact D'Ieteren as they can give you a lot of information about your car. Send a mail to:
        Nice day to all.