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  • Engine: ZZDP brand recommendations

    I recall discussions on zinc additives in oil and those oils already "zinc ready". I see a bottle of zinc additive in O'Reilly's for more than $15. What advise ? Please avoid zinc vs. no - zinc discussion...

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    Even though I use the Rotella oils with higher Zinc, I still add a small bottle of ZZDP. Perhaps it does not help, but it makes me think I am doing the right thing.

    I also buy mine from the Stude Vendors, as I want to support them as much as I can
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      Reams of information on the subject here within these pages.

      Don't bother with additives, just buy a name brand oil, plain and simple.
      I ran my 59 Lark, with the 259 engine in it for just over 93,000 with Castrol GTX, 20w-50 in the oil pan. No, that related problems in all of those miles. I sold the car a little over a year ago, and the new owner stopped by a few weeks ago, same old engine..!

      So there it is. First hand use of, no snake oil, oil additives. Not saying that all additives are bad. I use Lucas, fuel additive as a system cleaner. Have for years in both my cars and motorcycles. It works very well in keeping the intake system clean.
      But oil, the oil companies spend a lot of money on building oils. And while the additives have been changed, thanks to the government, the much ballyhooed bad news for solid lifter cam engines just hasn't panned out, at least in my, first hand knowledge case.

      I have friends that also do not use additives in their old engine cars, but I can't count those as "first hand knowledge" cases.



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        Why play chemist? Valvoline Racing Oil contains zinc.


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          It’s true that oils back in the day contained higher levels of ZDDP but then we learned it’s really bad for humans so it was mandated that levels be reduced in engine oils. I think where this belief that you must add ZDDP to older engines comes from the idea that engineers and chemists got the memo about caps on ZDDP and collectively threw up their arms and said “oh, you people with older engines, yah you’re screwed, sorry about that”. Of course that didn’t happen and they set about finding less toxic compounds to put in their additive packages to provide the same protection. Even with the newer materials available to engine designers we still have many of the same extreme pressure points that require protection with engine oils.

          Personally I run Liqui Moly oils and their Ceratec additive in just about everything I have from the BMW race car to daily drivers. I've always found engines to run quieter, cooler and with less oil consumption with this combination. If you are really set on a high ZDDP oil then look at Valvoline VR1, a good conventional engine oil that’s very reasonably priced.
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            Regular Valvoline or the NAPA Branded same Standard 10/30 Oil around here at the Upper end of the State and On-Line, are around $5.00 a Quart, but the $7.99 I pay for Flat Tappet Engine Oil, VR-1, I would not call cheap.
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              so.... can the zinc oils damage engines (non-solid lifters) or people that breathe the exhaust.......?