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1960 Lark speedo gets REAL noisey !!!

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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: 1960 Lark speedo gets REAL noisey !!!

    Have been driving my 60 lark convertible every day for the last 4 months and could not be happier with the car. So today at 43 degrees and heading out for a cup of coffee , all of a sudden I get the surprise of the day . A screeching noise at 150 decibles that shocks me to my core . Hit the brakes and stop the car and the sound disappears completely. Start driving again and at 10 mph and above the screech comes back with a vengence . Look at the speedo and the needle has lost it's mind and is spinning like an episode of Twilight Zone . Needle falls off and the noise continues for miles and miles . Thank you Henry for the extra speedo which will be going in soon!!!....Funny after the heart attack .

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    There is an oil cup/depression on the back of the speedometer casing just above the connection to the speedometer cable. If you blow the dust out and fill that cup with light oil a few times, the noise will likely cease.
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      As Roy indicated, your speedometer could need some cleaning and lubricating. Another problem my be the speedometer cable, needing to be cleaned and lubricated. Probably both, wouldn't hurt. If you've got a spare speedometer to install, make sure you lubricate it prior to installing. Save yourself lots on headaches, backaches, etc..... You can use 3in1 machine oil, but I'd recommend Eckler's liquid graphite lubricant for both the cable and speedometer. If your very careful, you can attach drill to the speedometer and run it up while lubricating it, to make sure it works right. Remember speedometer runs counter clockwise.

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