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starter solenoid wiring

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    Originally posted by StudeRich View Post
    ...the Coil does not Fire until the Points close while turning the Engine Ignition ON. Does it Crank?
    The coil actually fires when the points open, after being closed.
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      I checked points by having ignition on and power to distributer. Touching my probe it lights when touching the point arm that opens and closes. When I close the points (both contacts are touching), and with power to distributor the probe again lights touching the points arm but there is no power on the other contact. I am thinking that this means the points are bad? I did use a small point file to clean both contacts but without removing them I can't visually inspect the contacts. I will look to buy and install new points and condenser. Rotor and cap look good.
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        Thanks everyone for the help. Installed points and condenser and with a shot of starter fluid the engine fired. Since the car sat for 30 some years I installed a new oil filter, oil, and in-line clear fuel filter.

        Until I can check /clean gas tank, I tried to run the engine with a hose attached to the fuel pump inlet and the other end in a gas jug. Turning the engine over it was not drawing fuel through filter. Does the fuel pump need to be primed? If yes suggestions?


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          Seems like the fuel pump is pooched too. From what I've read on other threads, rebuilding one is pretty straight forward.

          I switched to an electric pump. It helps to resolves a lot issues brought about by modern fuel. If you're not too hung up on originality it might be the way to go.