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Lower Control Arm Bushings

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  • Front Axle / Front Suspension: Lower Control Arm Bushings

    I have changed many control arm bushings over the years on a lot of different brands. I always removed the control arm and pressed the old out and new in using an arbor press. Over the weekend I decided to change the four lower control arm bushings on my Lark, while still on the vehicle. Using a very large C-clamp to hold a rough center, I was able to walk the originals out with an air chisel and modified ball joint fork (milled to fit the OD of the bushing). I pressed the new ones in with a threaded rod in the cross shaft, a large round cone from my U-joint kit to fit the bushing, a heavy flat washer and a bearing to lessen the friction. I was amazed how well it worked and I saved a ton of aggravation. Just wanted to pass this on, as it is well worth giving it a try.

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    Congrats on finding a simpler way to do this.

    I am not quite picturing the process, but am wondering how you set the preload tension on the bushings. The shop manual says to use a spreader on the A-arms.
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      Yes, the spreader keeps the distance the same on the control arms. I just made sure the inner steel sleeve bottomed out on the shoulder of the cross shaft and the gap on the OD to control arm was the same. The tension is set when the car is on the wheels. Only then can the cross shaft bolts be torqued. Hope this makes sense.


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        Good Job!!! to bad the upper outer bushings cant be done this easily. Yep, Nice Job! Luck Doofus


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          I did the uppers two years ago and it was a time consuming job. I had to make aluminum "press sleeves" to press the new bushings in.


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            pictures always help less figuring