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What is wrong with this tire with rubber chunking off?

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    That crack in it means it will not last long, time to order a New Pair.
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      i'll keep an eye on it


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        Originally posted by mw2013 View Post
        i'll keep an eye on it
        Agree with Rich, the cracked one will go AWOL in short order. I'd replace them both, but also trim the top on the new ones prior to install, as you already did here.


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          the reduction the height, effectively gave the droop another 3" at the tire road contact , so doesn't that depending on road condition's allow more movement before it impacts, i am no off-roading the car, and if i travel the same smooth road, it may contact the bumper less not more ( i thought that was the point of the exercise) and throwing the rubber off the frame? lol

          i am going to test my theory and see it go bye bye , or maybe hear it go bang! before I spring for replacements
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            These travel bumpers are a last ditch effort to maintain steering and stability under extreme conditions. They are seldom used with any regularity, and I doubt without looking at the calcs/measurement your small trim is giving you "another 3" of drop?

            When you test your theory, make sure it isn't you and the car that "go bye bye" instead of just the rubber bumper...