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  • Electrical: Dizzy well plug

    What does the dist well plug look like? Can not find a picture in the Avanti parts book, only a p/n


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    I don't know what it looks like in an Avanti but this is what it looks like in a 259. You can just see it down the distributor housing. It is in behind the outer expansion plug. They are a 1/2" pipe plug with a hex insert.


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      Was Studebaker the only company to use these kind of plugs?


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        Originally posted by Hawklover View Post
        Was Studebaker the only company to use these kind of plugs?
        Those kind of plugs are not uncommon; but I believe Studebaker was the only company that built an engine with a plug inside the distributor silo.
        That's why rebuilders unfamiliar with Studebaker will often remove the plug before cooking the block, and then forget to put it back in.
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          I have asked this before but don't remember the answer. Why is that hole and plug there? What purpose does it serve or why was it necessary?
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            So Production could drill end to end and so the passage can be cleaned when rebuilding.

            jack vines