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Adding third pedal to 53 Commander

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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: Adding third pedal to 53 Commander

    Converting from auto to manual trans.

    Already have the trans, bell housing, clutch and flywheel.

    What parts do I need to add a third pedal for the clutch linkage?

    I haven't had the car on a lift in a while, and it isn't where I can get it up in the air right now, but would like to start collecting parts.

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      Would they be the same as a 57 Golden Hawk. I have a 57 Clipper that I am pirating a frame and engine from. Wanted the thicker metal and the supercharged 289.
      Reason I ask is that I have the parts catalogue for the 57 on CD.
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        If you check your CD I believe you will find that you do not have to narrow your search to '57 GH Parts because the CD should include ALL Chassis Parts from '55 to '58 for ALL Models Studebaker and Packard, you then can see what year WHAT changed, to find the parts (Numbers) that you need.

        We need to know if your '53 is a Coupe, Hardtop or Sedan.
        I believe all V8's prior to 1959 had the same thickness Frame possibly excepting 2 Door Sedans, so a Packard is no better, and if you are using a '57 Packard Frame I guess your '53 may be a 4 Door Sedan??

        See if I got this right: a '53 Commander Model?, a Supercharged Stude. 289 V8 with a H.D. Borg Warner T-85 Overdrive Trans. complete with a matching Clutch Housing, and a '57 Packard Town Sedan 4 door FRAME going TOGETHER????????

        The obvious parts needed will be all Shifting Linkage, Steering Post Jacket, Shifter "Bell" upper Shift Lever, Lower Shift Levers, all Clutch Linkage, and Pedal.

        Needless to say, More info is needed, just keep in mind that almost NONE of the needed parts Interchange from Sedan to Coupe/Hardtop..
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          Should have provided more info. My car is a Commander hardtop.
          New trans is a speed, so it will be floor shifted. Already have the shifter.

          I was under the impression that the 57 GH and Clipper frame was 12 gauge instead of the 53 14 gauge.

          I was also told that the Clipper frame would interchange, even though it is a four door sedan. They have the same wheel base.


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            The Chassis Parts Catalog will be a Huge help in this matter. The Sedan frames have No C & K Engine support #2 Crossmember, most all of the "Outriggers" that mount the Body from the Frame outboard to the Body Floor are in different locations like the "B" Pillar support, so you will be moving some around, just look closely at the Two Frames, do some measuring and see if it is something you can do.

            You will see that it's not impossible, but not a "Bolt-ON" either, there is more to it than Wheelbase. There also are the Torque Boxes on Hardtops to deal with.

            May I suggest, if you could find a '62 to '64 GT Hawk Frame it would be an 11 Ga. Frame, the best Studebaker made AND it's a Hardtop.

            The only downside to that is, you need that Center support Crossmember for your '57 and earlier two Piece Driveline to fit your Short Tail Trans. from the '53 to add to the '62 Frame.
            The "other Option" of converting the Trans. to a One Piece Driveshaft will cause serious issues with the Floor tunnel under the back seat.

            Good luck with your Project, don't let the truth hold you back, "where there is a Will, there is a Way"!
            Second Generation Stude Driver,
            Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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              Will work with the two frames to make one. Will also measure thickness to insure that there is any advantage to the 57 frame. The 57 chassis has larger brakes and it has sway bars front and rear, so that's another reason to use it. However, if the 53 frame is rust free (and I think it is) then I might be better off just swapping the parts off the 57 onto the 53 frame.
              I definitely want to reinforce whichever one I use.

              I do have considerable experience fabricating and have above average welding skills.