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!957 Silver Hawk Transmission shift parts

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  • 1953champcoupe
    I've got two or three of the "levers" I think you are describing, one from a 53 stick car, a 61 Hawk stick car and one from an Automatic, it seems like other than finish and knob they are pretty much the same. Shipping would be as much as the item. is the lever all you need, I assume you have all of the levers that go from the column to the side shift mechanism on the transmission?

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  • !957 Silver Hawk Transmission shift parts

    I am currently working on a 1957 Silver Hawk. The previous owner installed a top shifter on the 3 speed/Overdrive transmission. I would like to return this set up back to the original column shift. Does anyone have, or have a source for the column mounted shift arm/ lever? Its the one that is mounted on the column using the small tension pin? any leads will be appreciated. Allen's show an arm available but indicates its for a 56 model. Part numbers are 1542070 or 1542071.
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