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  • Clutch / Torque Converter: Bellhousing id

    Looking to ID some bellhousings found in the garage. Maybe someone can use them.
    1) 536288 with 4" diameter opening
    2)526432-4 with a 4" diameter opening
    3)675023 1 with a 4 5/8 " diameter opening
    #3 may not be correct as the 0 has rust around it.
    Rob in PA.
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    We would need a Dup. of one of those that we knew what it was from or the Blueprint of the Part Number that we do not know from the Museum to determine the Actual PART Number and Application from those numbers since those are likely only Casting Numbers.

    The dash numbers are just the Foundry Shift # or Mold #.

    The first Two are quite Early, before 1951 so likely 6 Cyl.
    The last is a Truck. Are the Starters all on the Left Side?

    Good Pics of the Mounting surface (bolt pattern) may help narrow it down more than I can from what info we have.
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      Yes StudeRich each bellhousing has starter on left. Yes I figured early 6 cyl. but are they Champ or Commander. I think the truck bell is for the Commander engine but not positive. Yes these are the casting numbers on the housings.
      Rob in PA.


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        Are all the bell housing openings the same diameter, or are some smaller?

        That would differentiate between Commander six and Champion six.
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          And don't forget the differences on Champion engines after 1955 , Ed


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            Some pictures would help a lot. Are you sure your 526288 isn't 536288?
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              Having a difficult time posting pics at present. Yes Dwain I typed the wrong number from my note. I updated the info in my original post. I hope this can help figuring the applications.
              Rob in PA.


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                536288 is a V8 bellhousing originally from a '55 259, part number 536301. I was looking for one recently and found it elsewhere. For my application this BH will enable me to install a '64 259 into my '52 Commander, using the original rear engine mount, overdrive transmission and the larger, later clutch assembly.
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                  Generally the casting number is a few numbers below the part number but sometimes an item with casting number is machined into two or more part numbers but seldom.