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Twin Traction lube is gelatinous now what?

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  • Rear Axle: Twin Traction lube is gelatinous now what?

    After all of the fun of getting the brake drums off of this 1961 Dana 44 TT (I swelled one of the axle ends getting it disassembled I pulled the inspection cover and black lube poured out (and over the the catch container) I didn't notice immediately that there was some solid material hanging over the opening after I removed the cover. I removed quite a bit of this "gelatinous" material, first thing I thought of was that someone had added sawdust but it just didn't seem quite like that either. pictures, I thought I had taken a picture but NADA.

    Any idea if this might be a somewhat "normal" event with the addition of a posi track additive? I just hate to spend the time cleaning it up and having just one more piece of heavy junk to get rid off.

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    does it turn ?


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      Originally posted by mw2013 View Post
      does it turn ?
      If so, I'd probably just clean it out by wiping out what I could and check the back lash and bearing play. If OK add synthetic fluid like Redline that doesn't require a posi additive and drive it around for a while. If it works reasonably well, I'd just change the fluid one more time and see where it goes.

      It can get pricey if there's wear. Bob


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        It may have gotten water inside.
        I would try cleaning it out and do a couple of fills with new fluid.
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          it turns fine, absolutely no indication of water/moisture in the case, everything seems tight, more so than the rear end I am currently using. This gear set will be a little lower (3.54 vs 331?) but hopefully both tires will hook "upon sudden acceleration"


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            If it was that nasty, I would try to flush the internal parts with some sort of solvent to get rid of most of the bad lube, before I added the fresh oil. I have never seen 90w turn to gelatin, so it may have been the additive, or some other snake oil product that the PO tried in it.


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              Sounds like it has some kind of non-compatible Fluids in it, I don't think even STP would turn to Gelatin, but who knows.

              A Good cleaning leaving NO Residue like Brake Clean, and a Fresh Load of GL-5 80/90 Wt. Gear Lube and a 4 OZ Bottle of Jeep "Friction Modifier" limited slip additive should fix it right up.

              GL-5 Bottles always say: OK for Limited Slip Diff's." but what they don't say is; for a complete "Fill" you still need the Additive.
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                I've came to the conclustion that someone may have pumped in either "gun grease" or more likely "corn head grease" (which is what I get from John Deere for a steering box), I've cleaned the inside using kerosene, will sandblast the housing today, then replace the "service items" and rebuild the brakes, hopefully it will function OK


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                  They're all right. Some lubes get thick gooey and nasty over decades of setting. Had a Model T rearend last year that was like Cosmolene in it. Of course someone could have filled it with corn head grease to quiet it down. Best thing is clean it up really well with kerosene and put good stuff in it and hope for the best. Chances are it'll be OK. And I really would not sandblast anything that had gears and ball bearings in it. Use solvent and a wire brush.


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                    I taped off the axles after getting the brake drums off and bolted and sealed the back cover with silicone grease and took it outside and blasted the heck out of it, brought it back inside and cleaned the dust off (including the silicone grease on the cover) and now it has a coat of primer/black Rustoleum covering it and the removable items are blasted in the cabinet and powder coated. I did clean out the thicker grease as best I could. After reassembly (when the new seals/speedi sleeve/brake parts get here) and installation I think I will run it for a month or so and then drain the lubricant and refill.