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Pinion Seal Replacement and also a Gas-line clearance question -'51 Champion w/Dana 27

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  • Rear Axle: Pinion Seal Replacement and also a Gas-line clearance question -'51 Champion w/Dana 27

    Just thought I'd confirm here with this group, since I last did this replacement on a '53 Champion back in 1988. I'm replacing both the cover gasket, oil and pinion seal on my '51 Champion Starlight Coupe. The replacement pinion seal I have of course looks nothing like the still-original one. The car has been sitting for 20 years, but the build up of oil at the front of the axle , crusted with the Illinois mud of formerly dirt roads, was telling.

    The new seal apparently goes with the spring-wrapped side towards the differential, correct? I see elsewhere that I should pack that spring with grease, and apparently should also coat the outer metal ring surface with a small amount of silicone rtv. Studebaker International includes a paper gasket as well. I cleaned the remains of the original out -- but no one quite says if they use this gasket or not!

    With the spring facing into the differential, the spring-side metal protrusion just barely seems to touch the gasket, so does it actually do anything? Also, with spring facing inwards, the ring of the seal assembly has the thin-edge facing outwards, which is backwards to how one 'wants' to install the thing.

    I also am redoing the fuel system and I bought a preformed gas-line from in-line tube. The line mostly fits fine, but their initial horizontal feed from the gas tank was much longer than the original. I complained, hoping they'd re-bend one with only an inch or so before they turned it upwards, but instead they refunded my payment. Is the line safe as I've bent it? Is there any horizontal movement of the axle rearward as the car moves up and down? I couldn't bend a tighter radius with the tool I had. Should I cut the line and try to do a double flare of the end myself? Installation was a bit of a struggle, I'd like to avoid pulling it out of the car and re-installing again!

    Thanks for the advice.
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    Spring side faces in. I like to use a little gasket shellac ("Indian Head" on the periphery of the seal and don't bother with the gasket.

    Yes the rear axle moves slightly rearward as the arch of the springs compresses. Why not just bend the loop a little to the right or left to make some more clearance? A great way to bend tubing near the fitting is to insert a suitably sized pin punch into the tube slightly beyond the length of the fitting. Then you use the punch as a handle to bend the tubing as you wish without the danger of kinking it at the fitting.


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      I recently had one of those 'what is this thing? " experiences with a 44 pinion seal. I'm not sure I'd use Indian Head on it unless you are 100% certain you'll not be the one replacing it next time. New ones have a sealant on the lip of the seal. Anyway, the new weird looking seal seems to work - to my amazement.


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        The Gasket was used when the Original or Aftermarket Copy Seals had a rectangular (cross section) Standard straight sided Case and the gasket did work.
        All of the New Replacements I have used had no Gasket, because the shape changed and the Red Sealant is on the outer edge.

        S.I. must have NOS Gaskets added to New Seals.

        Do not mess with that Fuel Line, the Diff. is not going to move that much.
        Second Generation Stude Driver,
        Proud '54 Starliner Owner