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Jim Maxey Engine Teardown Videos

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  • Engine: Jim Maxey Engine Teardown Videos

    In case anyone never got the word, Richard Fritz and Jim Maxey of the Michiana Chapter have been making videos of "the Care and Feeding of your Studebaker V8". They are available on Facebook, but here they are all in a row.

    Click on their logo and send them a nice "thank you"...
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    It's been a great series for months now and much enjoyed. It's just one of the great things those with an irrational fear of facebook miss out on.
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      This is so cool I've made it a Sticky in the Tech Talk section. Thanks for posting 64V-K7 !

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        Rich and I have enjoyed making these videos. Were are pleased that they are so well liked.


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          What a great Christmas gift to us less experienced Studebaker owners! I started the series months ago but then couldn't find any of them after the first 3 or 4. Amazing that Jim and Richard were willing to put all that effort into improving so many of us with less talent and/or experience.
          Thank you Jim & Richard!!!!


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            I am in a bind. I took the engine out of my 1962 Lark 6-cylinder to a engine rebuild shop. They kept it for 3 years and only tore it down. They ask me to come get it. I now am trying to re-assemble it. I was wondering if you or anyone has a video for a 6-cylinder engine. I am not for sure if all the parts are even there. Thanks.
            Randy Jetton


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              Short of any video posted, I believe that having a shop manual by your side right now, would be of the most benefit.
              64 GT Hawk (K7)
              1970 Avanti (R3)


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                fun and educational, thank you indispensable information and first hand knowledge.