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Seal porous float Bowl

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  • Fuel System: Seal porous float Bowl

    What sealant stops Carter AFB float Bowl leak down? Someone recommended Fel-Pro Blu. Any experience with epoxy?

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    Someone with more knowledge may correct me but, I believe the original factory coatings for carburetors was a zinc chromate.
    Over the years and multiple rebuilds these coatings wear or wash off, increasing the leak down or evaporation through the porous cast body of the carburetor.
    Re-chromating the body should help; and Dave Thibeault does that when he restores a carb.
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      For many years I have successfully sealed the jet wells on Rochester Quadrajet 4 bbl carburetors with a product called: MarineTex. I am sure JB Weld would probably accomplish the same thing.
      Luck, Bill


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        I would use POR15 tank sealer. It won't come off.


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          Are you sure the fuel isnt just evaporating, a leaky aluminum float bowl is rare in my experience. pot metal fuel bowls are a different can of worms! Luck Doofus


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            Just like the gubment to be so worried about air pollution from evaporating gasoline that they required gas to be more volatile. Right, I've never encountered a leaky float bowl that wasn't gasket or crack related.