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Avanti B pillar weatherstrip replacement woes

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  • Body / Glass: Avanti B pillar weatherstrip replacement woes

    For the third time I am replacing the door weatherstripping on the B pillar of my Avanti. This is the piece that comes down from the roofline that the door glass is supposed to seal against and then there is a dogleg that comes out on the door jamb that the door rubs against

    This reproduction rubber seemed to be softer and grippier than the original. I have tried keeping it lubricated with Vaseline and then the door will slide along the weatherstripping for a while, but if I don’t open the door occasionally the Vaseline will dry out and the door sticks to the weatherstripping and pulls it off.

    Does anyone know of a product that will condition that rubber so that the door will continue to slide on the weatherstrip and not need constant attention?

    Thanks. Tom

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    paint it black


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      Silicone? Don't GM dealers sell some stuff for just that purpose?


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        I would try silicone spray, but would spray it into a rag and wipe it on the rubber. Here's a quick article about its uses. Using Silicone Spray Lubricant and When Not To! (


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          First make sure the door is adjusted properly, it should lie against the seal not drag over it. clean the seal extra good then a good coat of car wax on the door edge. shine it up dont leave a build up. several coats work, and use real wax! worked on my 62 Lark hard top! Luck Doofus


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            Check the gaps, front and rear, of the door. If the front gap will allow it, move the door forward on the hinges to slightly increase the rear gap in order to acquire light contact between the door and B-pillar rubber surface. If the front gap is too tight and will cause contact at the crease line, then you are out of luck. The only other way to solve the problem of the door being a bit too long, is to shave the rubber moulding (I never had any success doing this with aftermarket rubber!).
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              You stated "the door sticks to the weather stripping and pulls it off." Are you sure you properly prepped the weather stripping before installing? Before applying the adhesive to the weather stripping you have to remove the releasing agent from the areas that will be glued to the body. Lightly sand and clean the contact surface of the rubber and thoroughly clean the B-pillar and body where the rubber makes contact. Follow the 3-M adhesive instructions and it will stay put. Have done many times and never fails.


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                Due to the surface angles of the door and body jams, the surfaces should just contact at the closed position, without substantial squeezing or rubbing of the rubber seal. Proper door adjustment is critical and lip contact at the door front may occur - not good if the body is already painted and trimming is needed.
                BTW, the upper end of the door weather seal should be tapered to match the position and angle of the B-pillar lower seal horizontal section, so the surfaces just contact at the closed position.