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1951 Convertible quarter window rollers

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  • Body / Glass: 1951 Convertible quarter window rollers

    In the process of restoring my 51 convertible I realized I needed new rollers for both door windows and quarter window. So I ordered two sets of rollers (ball bearings) in the belief I could use the same sets on the quarter glass as on the door windows. WRONG. It took me a while to realized why I had trouble installing those rollers on the quarter windows. The quarter windows use a slightly smaller roller. Trying to use the window rollers on the quarter windows, the windows would never fit in the track. Besides installing them in the quarter frame, one roller would be jammed.
    The door window rollers measure about 0.70” in OD, while the quarter window rollers measure 0.625” (or 5/8”). The door rollers are readily available, but I have never seen the quarter window rollers advertised.
    Anybody have any idea of where to find them?

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    According to the parts catalog they are an integral part of the window frame.
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      Yes, it is listed as part of the window frame. However, so is the door window frame, but SI lists a set of replacement rollers for that. part no 801453. Hoping to find the same for the quarter frame.