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  • Engine: Throttle linkage

    I have a 65 commander and I broke the part of the gas pedal that goes through the firewall. I could have it welded but would rather not do that. I put a aftermarket cable and pedal on the car but don’t like it and want to go back to the stock one but cannot locate one. Any help with this would be appreciated. Thanks. I realize this should be in the technical section but I don’t know how to move it
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    Have you looked at the Studebaker vendors?
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      Thanks for the reply. I looked at Studebaker international but could not find it. I really don’t know what it is called. Happy thanksgiving.


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        Click the link: Is the part right there at the top left # 1556460? Or similar. Steve Allen calls it Gas Pedal Push Rod..

        [TD="width: 12%"]1556460[/TD]
        [TD="width: 20%"]Gas Pedal Push Rod[/TD]
        [TD]1963-64 V-8 cars except Hawk & Avanti; 1963-64 Trucks models 7[/TD]
        [TD="width: 10%, align: right"]$22.50[/TD]

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          In addition to my previous post, I see you are new here....feel free to call a vendor and ask...they have many resources. Steven Allen has his own junk yard, Stude International turned me onto a local junker in their area, Tom Karkawicz (probably bad spelling). CALL, CALL, CALL! I assume you get Turning Wheels,....E bay has one if it's what you want, but I would use a vendor.

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            Thanks everyone. That’s not what I am looking for but I will make some calls next week . I have a repair book and will look through it and find the piece and hopefully a part number. The part I need has a bracket the bolts to the firewall and the linkage from the carb is attached to it. I think it’s different from a 64 commander. Again thanks


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              You will need the Studebaker '65 & '66 Chassis/Body Parts Catalog to get a Part Number, from the Picture number.
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