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Hunting for LED replacement lamp recommendation: 1951 Champion

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  • Electrical: Hunting for LED replacement lamp recommendation: 1951 Champion

    Anyone got a recommendation (preferrably with an Amazon availability) for LED replacement headlight and taillight lamps for a 1951 Champion? A friend in Australia has successfully switched out his old lamps for LED units, but he bought them in AUS. Anyone got a USA recommendation?
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    call these guys Lambert Enterprises
    Bill Foy
    1000 Islands, Ontario
    1953 Starlight Coupe


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      Make sure they will work on a positive ground system. LEDs are polarity sensitive.

      Six volt Fords, Mercurys, and MoPar cars are positive ground, as are most of the independents.
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        Thanks for the link! Lambert has LEDs for my 41! I will have to call and see if they are 6 volt.