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Where to find this oil-tee for '57 289 pressure gauge (w/ supercharger)

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  • Engine: Where to find this oil-tee for '57 289 pressure gauge (w/ supercharger)

    Hi again, since Rich just 'solved' my initial question today (why is my oil line to pressure-gauge "T" fitting leaking?), now I need to figure out WHAT SHOULD be there. (background; per first photo, my "original" as came on the car brass 'Tee" fitting was weeping upon cranking over rebuilt engine. Rich correctly diagnosed NOT the correct "Tee", no 'seat' for the steel oil-line! Argh; 100th time I've wanted to strange the previous owner).
    SO, took it apart to confirm, per 2nd photo, Rich nailed it, common plumbing Tee, no mating-seat for the flared oil pipe.
    Looking in the Parts catalog, I can't see ANYTHING remotely like this part, yet has to be a means of connecting these three original pieces: engine block oil pressure outlet, oil-pipe from the oil-filter base, and the top fitting for the pressure-gauge rubber hose. Attached both applicable catalog pages, the ONLY "Tee" fitting listed anywhere in the oil-gauge or oil-filter secstions is at the bottom of the page, "1545001 "Tee" Inlet Pipe-cylinder end", whatever that means, but is listed for a 58H & L only. Actually found a photo of this part online, can one of you with my 57 Golden Hawk (or any similar 289 with the "new" inverted oil-filter behind carb) setup confirm if this is the right part? S&I doesn't list it at all. And seems unlikely Studebaker would have listed this piece as an "elbow", when they DO indeed call a "Tee" fitting a "Tee" on the same page. Appreciate it. Barry
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    "TEE, Inlet Pipe, Cylinder (Head) End" (of the Oil Filter Oil Line) would be exactly what you need, a 1545001 "T".
    Since in Group 118-25 it does say: "with Supercharger", on President 289 Powered '58's = "H" AND and Packards = "L", I would totally ignore the fact that they evidently left out '57 !

    I sure don't see why that would not work, OR just Buy one at your favorite Auto Parts Store.

    Since it does have an Engineering Number and not a "Standard" Hardware Number though, I guess it would be hard to find with a Female 1/8" Pipe opening AND a Female Flare Fitting 1/8" Seat Opening, with the Male 1/8 Pipe end.

    It may take some Multiple Fitting arrangement to duplicate.
    It is quite close to the Rear Brake Hose "T" Mounted at the Differential but those have 2 Female Flare Fitting Seats. A "Bushing" in one could fix that!
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      Any auto parts store will have a 1/8 female flare x 1/8 pipe thread fitting. Just tread it into your existing fitting and you are good to go. DMc


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        Thanks guys. just noticed the NOS fitting in the photo has a male pipe-thread fitting; I have a male fitting IN my block. Which fortunately after heating screwed right out of the head. (Yes. Really dumb thing to do in hindsight, but I got lucky, AFTER thinking of the horrors if it had snapped off! Off comes the head to remove and re-tap! yikes!). Yes, that looks like a common fitting, all the threads are the same, the oil-line nut just has a tiny -hex head on it, threads are same as the pressure-gauge line. Easy-peasy. But, I sure do wonder WHY someone did that to my block in the first place. My initial fear was (after I already ruined the threads with the lock-jaws of course) was they stripped out the threads over-tightening and had to get an over-size male adaptor to make it work or something. Threads appear fine though and the "male-to-male' adaptor is same size both ends. Mystery to me there why they went to all that work to do it WRONG, but again, what hasn't been on this car :-). All's well that ends well.


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          And, it ended well. :-) No leaks. Click image for larger version

Name:	NOS oil-tee.jpg
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ID:	1869105 Thanks again guys!