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61 Hawk Climatizer question

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  • Cool/Heat: 61 Hawk Climatizer question

    At the temperature control valve on the cowl, which connection is feed from the engine. There is 1 pointing straight down and 1 pointing toward the drivers side of the car.
    Thank you.

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    This one appears to be correct with the Hot input coming in at the bottom.
    Just be SURE that the Hose you use is coming from the UPPER Water Manifold "Arm", NOT the Lower one.

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      Don't think it would make any difference 'in the runnin' of it' The valve just allows warm coolant to flow to heater when open and stops it when closed. Like Rich says, it would work better if things were flowing in the right direction. I had a friend in the Air Force who had a Fiat Abarth. It ran hot so he always had the heater on to disapate the excess heat. Needless to say, you didn't want to hitch a ride with "Abarth" on a San Antonio summer day!


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        Thanks for the info and the picture. Very helpful.