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What vehicle did my engine come out of?

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    Unfortunately, I don’t. Is it safe to assume a truck manifold from a 57 will bolt on and fit that Studebaker car engine? If so, I can always start looking. I know my father had a 259 stude engine that was a spare but I wasn’t able to move it back from out of state when he passed. Not sure if it was a car or truck 259.


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      Unfortunately I don’t have any spare parts but I found a 54-64 Stude truck water manifold and looks like it can be had for around $150.


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        I emailed you. I may have found what I need. Will that truck water manifold bolt up to the engine I have even though it’s a 289 Stude car engine from either a 63 lark or gran truismo hawk?


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          Sure no problem, Studebaker never could afford to change ANYTHING unless it was absolutely necessary.

          You just need the 2 Upper Manifold Gaskets and the 2 Lower ones to swap them. But check and make sure it has the 4 Bolt straight UP Stat. Housing on it, if not THAT you can find easily, I think have some.

          UPDATE: Now, I got your email, I was not looking there.
          I thought you found one at Home.
          Don't be fooled by any for sale that have ONLY the 4 Bolt Thermostat Housing, they are Older Car, unless they have the Angled Down from the Stat. to heads "Arms" they are NOT Truck.
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