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53 Commander coupe weatherstrip

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  • Body / Glass: 53 Commander coupe weatherstrip

    I am trying to install the seals around the door. Sadly the glue eats the new paint. Also need to know how the seal around the door goes. It is an L shape and I think the lip would go towards the door but not sure. Any help appreciated.

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    Info is here:

    Russ has a lot of helpful information here:
    3H-C5 "The Blue Goose"


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      The "L" Shaped Seal goes at the Sill at the Bottom of the door opening pointing UP and Out.
      The "C" Shaped Weatherstrip goes Open "C" Outboard around the Door opening in the Body.

      Use the 3M's Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive 08008.
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        Might wont to look at this .
        How to correctly apply weather strip adhesive.


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          Use lots of masking tape to protect the paint. I made a tool from flat steel that just fits the ws channel and is bent to go benind the door ; this will scrape the old ws out of the channel. Do a foot or two at a time; this helps avoid messes. Use 3M weatherstrip adhesive and, if you are like me you might want some "Goo Gone" too. It is not the worlds best weatherstrip, but it is far less effective when installed backwards (yes, people have done this.) (not me!) Take your time-spring is far, far away. Use masking tape to hold ws in place as you go. When done close the door to be sure it fits OK, then leave the door closed for a couple days.


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            If you don't have or want to get GOO Gone use a little wd-40 on a rag it will do the same job removing the glue and you will have to do a lot of rubbing to remove the paint.


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              Thanks everyone for the replies. Finally figured out they sent me the wrong parts. Mistake by a new employee. It happens so waiting for the replacement and will try again. Have to be real careful and hopefully not damage paint


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                Before you apply the adhesive you must lightly sand the surface areas of the weather striping to remove the mold releasing agent from the rubber. Then clean both surfaces with 3 - M Adhesive cleaner. Follow instructions on the 3-M adhesive tube. I have done several cars with this method and all are still in place.


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                  Might I suggest you do some measuring first. My 53 coupe has excellent exterior door position on both sides.....however

                  the fitment in the areas near the weather seal is quite bad, this allowed for air movement and noise into the cabin

                  I initially placed some foam cord (backer rod) into the fold of the weather seal and rechecked the seal.....still lacking

                  I then installed some "B" profile weather seal to the door perimeter, not factory original but IDGAS, and this was the solution, great 100 % seal and no wind noise or air flow.

                  If I hadn't already installed the factory style seal I would have used an aftermarket one with an approximate height of 11/16" extruded from EPDM rubber.... hollow core and 3M peel and stick tape

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