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changing front nose panels

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  • Body / Glass: changing front nose panels

    1962 Lark wagon. Will the 1961 single head light front nose panel (part #1339213) interchange with the dual head light nose panel currently on the wagon as far as fender matching and hood matching? I always liked the look of the single head light cars.

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    I think so. The 1961 single- and dual-headlight front panels obviously interchange with each other. In 1962 Brooks Stevens changed the grille from concave to convex. Other than that the front panels have always looked the same to me. You have the same idea that I have. I would go one step further and use the 1959-60 headlight rims. I've always liked chrome better than anodized aluminum. Then, one could chrome plate the parking light frames also.


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      The '61 nose panel will bolt right on your '62, but you will have to use the '61 hood as well as the profile of the '62 hood will not match at the front. Also, you will need the '61 bumper brackets to move the bumper back towards the grill--the '62s had a couple inches more front overhang.


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        Here is a '61 Lark on which the owner has gone the other way -- put a '62 nose & hood on his '61. The owner is on this forum, so may chime in.
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