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Fan Shroud Positioning? (57 GHawk)

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  • Cool/Heat: Fan Shroud Positioning? (57 GHawk)

    Hi, dry-run mounting my fan shroud tonight, and it doesn't seem right to me. I carefully kept the original stacks of washers (3 on one side, 4 on the other) and it is level, but sure seems low vs the picture in 57 Supplement showing supercharger pulley about LEVEL with the shroud, vs an inch or two higher on mine. On the other hand, I've photos of a GHawk from a show where the S/C pulley is about as far above the shroud as mine. Wondering what the important aspects are to locating this, besides obviously having clearance for the fan blade :-) Wouldn't you want it (and radiator) more centered on the fan that mine is? I'm sure the radiator was out when original owner rebuilt the engine so who knows how thick a stack of washers was really under it originally. Thanks! Barry
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    Is it possible that your Engine is just too high?
    Are there ANY Washers under the Front Engine Mounts?

    Engine Mount BRACKETS Correct and undamaged?

    Correct Front Engine Mounts (Insulators) ?

    Frame Rails bent down?
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      3 or 4 washers seems about right in all the ones I've done. As long as the fan clears the top about 1/4 " or a little more you're fine. Also member the fenders bolt to the sides of the core support, and alignment there is what is more important.
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        To me, it looks like the engine is too high and/or the shroud is too low, by about an inch.
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          Rich; all new mounting hardware (rubber insulators), no washers on them, correct washers (two on drivers side) on rear mounts, all correct and frame unmolested/excellent condition.
          There is about 1/2' clearance between fan blade and shroud, so not a "problem", just seemed strange, especially after being up at the farm and looking at my '53 Buick, where fan is perfectly centered within the shroud. Oh well, will see what happens when the body and fenders go back on someday. Hadn't thought about that being the 'important' factor I was missing. Probably adjustments to come. Thanks for the reminder.