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Engine Turned Panel polishing

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  • Interior: Engine Turned Panel polishing

    So the glove box door my car had, was all bent. I found a replacement but it isn’t much better than my original one. Is there a way to polish the stainless part without wrecking it?
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    I believe it is an aluminum overlay. You must be very gentle with it. I have only used windex and a soft rag to clean one.


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      You would probably be better off getting a replacement aluminum overlay. Those look pretty rough. There are still some fairly nice ones out there.
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        Those are stampings and not turnings.
        Shining them up also removes the anodizing.
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          They are embossed anodized aluminum. They are not able to be easily polished...


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            There's one on ebay now, looks better than either of the two you have.



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              Thank you for the EBay link. I swear I’ve been looking for such things on there and not coming up with anything... I must need to sharpen my search skills.
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                If you snagged that you got a Deal, that is not the just Overlay you need, it's the Complete Door with Overlay, Hinge and Lock!

                People that do not actually OWN Studebakers and know the Parts, do not usually place much Value on them.
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                  This might be nitpicking, but when it comes to metal, there is a difference in cleaning and polishing. Even though these aluminum panels are rather delicate in nature, I believe there are cleaning agents on the market that can clean without abraiding the finish. Metal polishes usually have an abrasive in their makeup and probably should be avoided. As Jeff Rice points out, any anodized finish should be addressed by the product chosen. I know I have purchased a cleaner for use on aluminum that claims to be safe for aluminum but I do not recall if it addressed anodized finishes?
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                    IMO your best bet is getting a new overlay. As an exercise you might try cleaning your unusable piece. Use something like Pre-Sol, and spray it with a very thin coat of clear lacquer. It's not going to be perfect, and some of the pitting will show through the clear, but it will give you an idea of the best that you can expect from your part. I would also use a semi gloss rather then a gloss finish.


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                      Well the new overlay and glove box door showed up today. They aren’t much better than the other ones I have... the dash overlay has an extra hole in it, but I was toying with the idea of putting a Tach where the Vacuum gague is now and either doing a vacuum or clock where the extra hole is. But that’s waaaaaaay down the road...
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