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'61 Hawk oil pan

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  • Engine: '61 Hawk oil pan

    How can I identify a 6 qt. oil pan for a '61 Hawk? Also, which pans had the dipstick going into the pan rather than thru the block?- Jim

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    If you are talking about a V8, look closer!

    There is a Lower Dipstick Tube, an Asbestos filled Copper Washer, and an Upper Dipstick Tube that are connected to the Oil Pan.

    A '56 to '64 V8 Engine WITH an Oil Filter already holds 6 Qts. Five without.

    You do not need a Larger Oil Pan that requires a Different Oil Pump Pickup Tube and Filter Screen Housing for a Street Driven Car.

    A 6 Qt. Pan is for a '51 to '55 V8, IF it came from one, it is a 6 Qt. It is not "For" a '61.
    The Sump is Longer, a similar one, hand made is only for High Performance R3/R4 Engines but had many other "Special" Parts/Features on the Pans.
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      Just looking to replace the original on my '61. The one on my car was used as a lift point to jack the rear of the motor (not by me!!)and is dented and very spongy feeling. I have several to choose from, none marked. -Jim