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Emergency brake hand pull handle 1956 Power Hawk

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  • StudeRich
    The Pullback, (Return) Spring may be missing under the Car on the Lever near where the Cable separates to Left & Right Wheels.
    There is supposed to be a Spring to the Frame, if that is missing the Cable gets slack in it and a jamb happens.

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  • stude1964
    Could be that the cable is wrapped around inside the housing or came the pin came off the post and allowed the cable to migrate. Make sure the cable from rear is free and work back toward the handle.
    Rob in PA.

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  • Emergency brake hand pull handle 1956 Power Hawk

    I recently purchased 1956 Studebaker Power Hawk and am having trouble with operating the emergency brake pull
    handle. It will not pullout or rotate in anyway. Not pulling out I can uderstand if the cables are frozen. But I would think would at least rotate about 90 degrees to disengage the ratchet. Disengaging the ratchet is a habit of mine due to experience with older lever type emergency brakes like on a Model T Ford. Maybe not needed on a newer car.
    thank you.
    Larry Bean